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How Structures Work ARC140

How Structures Work ARC140

Who would have thought a typewriter would be part of a building!

Carlo Scarpa was an engineer and self-trained architect and one of the most interesting of the 20th century. I have been studying the Olivetti showroom staircase for four weeks and have only just realised the features of the typewriter in his structure which is recognised as one of the most important in architectural history.

Stuctural Engineering and Architecture

Fortunate enough to have received tutorials from two leaders in their field we have been able to learn a great deal about how strong does not work without stiffness and how lateral and vertical must operate together.

Rachael has taken two career breaks, returning to successfully lead large multidisciplinary projects and to develop a speciality in heritage design. She is committed to promoting engineering as a career for young people, both in her teaching role of engineering at the University of Bristol and as STEM coordinator at Arup Bristol, where she manages an outreach and engagement programme with schools in the local community.

Developing models

My model for the staircase on my house has developed into something quite monumental!

Final model in Corian for a stone staircase

Final model of the newly designed staircase based on Carlo Scarpa’a Olivetti showroom model

Feeling rather overwhelmed with the possibilities of ‘architecting’ any number of specific details in a building, I am very reassured to know that there are professionals that support Architect’s throughout the design process.

Lectures on Great Architects

I attended a talk set up by The Arts Society on Zahir Hadid – one of the most well known female architects of our tim,e and a leader in the architectural world. She passed in 2016 but has left a uniquLee style of architecture for us to ponder. Her company lies in the hands of Patrick Schumaher who has been in the news of late due to him trying to control her £70 million estate. The company employ over 200 worldwide.

One of Zahir’s most famous buildings
Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, Azerbaijan for which she won
the Design Museum’s Design of the Year Award 2014.
She even designed her own furniture

“Architecture is unescessarily difficult… its very tough”

Dame Zahir Hadid

She’s right!

At the end of the lecture Colin Davies, author of ‘A New History of Modern Architecture’ did say that without the vision of Architects to drive them, other professionals would be left with nothing to do!

Deadlines and Dead Loads!

My task now, before deadline tomorrow is to complete detailed drawings of my staircase and submit this with my project report and sketch book.

One of the best glossaries I have found to help me is from the Institute of Natural Stone Institute and the Stone Federation. The Engineers Daily, has helped me understand loading.

Who knows what I might learn next!

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