Introducing Home Cornwall

& its founder, Julia Preece...


About HOME CORNWALL … Julia’s story!

After years of working abroad, a chance meeting with a local Tehidy boy brought me back to the north shores of Cornwall and Falmouth (where my mother had been born) and spurred an ever growing fascination for Cornwall.

A little history

With a number of options of where to settle (and a little competition from Porthleven where my family mostly reside), Graham’s mum reminded us of the wonderful time she had when living at the old 1920’s style house where the new Rockville properties now stand at the entrance to the beach.

We talked about the cove and how it must have looked before the harbour even existed – when nature prevailed – and which houses would have stood there originally. Then the younger members of our tribe joined in and started to tell us the bits of Portreath that they liked most… remarking on things such as the jumping steps at the end of the harbour (now sadly awaiting repair due to the recent storms); watching boogie boarders fly around in the powerful waves; the animals at Gwel an Mor; and the park with its “great football goal” (said my youngest son!). My Mum was born in Falmouth, so she kept reminding us of the joys of the south coast and refused to speak of the north coast!

Allowing for change

The lack of commercialisation in such a rare coastal spot is quite unusual, and yet you know it its destined for change. Just as my life has moved through a professional career of property adventures in Nice, France and the Algarve, Portugal, the progress I’ve witnessed has included new build developments thriving to enhance local economies as well as a greater integration of older and younger generations and mixing of social classes. Change is not everybody’s friend, but standing back and looking at the whole picture – regardless of the situation – helps us to begin to accept it. Eventually, we have a distant memory of what has gone before – a little like Portreath before the harbour or Falmouth before students!

My little business venture, Home Cornwall, is all about change and helping people to re-organise their living arrangements by building better homes or investments. Our home is the centre of our universe so we know that by making it better, we live better.


I hope I can bring some of what I have experienced since first buying my own property at just 18 years of age to make life easier, fairer and better for others. I’ve been up and down in the property ladder, and had many scary or super pleasant surprises from being involved with people and their homes.

Our newest home, Zawn Haven, has also taken us on a journey and has renewed my interest in interior design, architecture, history and the new opportunities for visualising plans with 3D modelling; a service I am now offering along with general consultancy. This is combined with my new challenge to study Architecture, returning to University at degree level.

Julia established Home Cornwall as an ethical consultancy service for property owners or prospective owners looking for advice and assistance to help make the most of their investment… financially and emotionally. Contact her for unbiased advice on any property matter or for project management services.

Who’s in charge?

Julia Preece, Home CornwallJulia Preece, a qualified marketer, has worked in property for over 20 years; ten of which where spent living and working in Europe.

A home owner from the age of 18, Julia has recently worked with holiday home owners across Cornwall as Property Consultant for a very reputable agency. She has come to recognise that home owners need more than just an agent, and has developed Home Cornwall to deliver a range of services to a client who only needs to make just one phone call!

Providing an independent service, Julia and her team are able to find the most beneficial ways to develop a property portfolio and to make bricks and mortar become a profitable pleasure rather than a chore or burden.

One stop-shop

With an all-encompassing view on property ownership and management Home Cornwall is able to provide advice on property value, long let value as well as holiday rental value to help clients decide when to let, when to sell and when to buy.

Looking for a property in Cornwall for your investment, holiday let, or private residence? Home Cornwall offer an independent service free of obligations to any estate or letting agency so that you get the best information to make a sound decision – some of it for free!

Call to organise an initial free consultation today:  07890 072100