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A Warm Welcome!

A Warm Welcome!

Cornwall has many great advantages! Amongst others, it’s  famous for cream teas, fresh fish, and many other specialities such as the much copied Cornish Pasty!

Owners’ sometimes shy away from offering fresh gifts to their holiday guests, but if you really want to make an impression then this will really do the job!

It’s quite common to succeed in achieving repeat business of up to 35%, and carefully prepared welcome gifts will help to instantly please guests on their arrival; making them all the more likely to enjoy their stay and visit again and again.

To find out how best to welcome guests to your home, please contact us.

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    • admin

      on   said 

      Hi Brett
      Thank you for your comment…. unfortunately cream teas make me a little larger than I would like – BUT it’s not a problem because I love biking around the mining trails near my home in Portreath. :o)
      Regards, Julia


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